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Neil Kelly is an avid supporter of environmental causes and protecting the environment in which we live. By signing up for a free solar evaluation from Mr. Sun Solar (a Neil Kelly Company) or a free energy home energy audit from Neil Kelly Home Performance, you can learn how to reduce your energy costs and generate a $100 contribution to Beyond Toxics.

Increase Energy Efficiency with a Home Energy Audit
Tired of living in a drafty home with high energy bills? Call Neil Kelly’s Home Performance Team of Certified professionals to schedule an energy audit. Our auditors will conduct a walk-through and multiple tests in your home to assess its energy efficiency. They will then provide you with a report that outlines where your home needs improvement and the most effective measures you can take for your energy dollar to reach the comfort level you want. Find ways to save money on your heating and cooling bills with a Home Energy Audit.

Why Solar?
The Northwest gets more sun than Germany, the world’s most solarized nation. While we all know that Western Oregon and Washington are wet, even on overcast days your solar panels will be generating at least 60 percent of their full capacity, which can significantly offset your electric bill — even in winter. Of course, every house differs, but with modern solar, your roof does not even have to face south anymore. Any direction but north can still capture up to 95 percent of south-facing solar production.

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