Kitchen Renovation: “A ‘Green’ White Kitchen




A budget is a budget—but even for those of us diligent enough to stick by our  budget—odds are there will come a time when we’re tempted to push the financial envelope.  Maybe it’s that awesome kitchen faucet that we want to add at the last minute.  Or, we found that “just so perfect” countertop that carries a slightly higher price
tag.  When it comes to kitchen renovation finishes… it’s like the old saying goes…our eyes are larger than our tummies.

Kitchen Remodeling and Design Idea

However, Neil Kelly Design Consultant Janel Campbell recently had a client who stood her ground—stuck to her budget—and ended up with a beautiful “green” white kitchen renovation project.  “In this case the client really became part of the creative process because she wanted a new kitchen, but we knew right away that the budget wouldn’t accommodate replacing everything,” Janel says.  “So we worked as a team trying to achieve a kitchen renovation without breaking the budget.

KITCHEN CABINETS: “Should they stay or should they go, now.”

Kitchen Renovation in Portland, Oregon

John’s Landing Condo “Before”

“We originally designed a whole new kitchen, but we ended up keeping the cabinets because my client had all these things she wanted to do to her house, but her budget didn’t permit it,” Janel says.  “Patricia was very open to changing the scope of the project to meet the budget.” Cabinets represent a large percentage of expense within a kitchen renovation job, and the existing cabinets are solid oak—some that would have been very expensive to replicate.  So now this Southwest Portland condo dweller had enough wiggle room in the budget to afford to do the kitchen renovation she really wanted.

A DOOR TO THE WORLD (Okay, it was just a door to the kitchen):

Neil Kelly Kitchen Renovation

“A Door To Nowhere?”

Kitchen Renovation Project with new entry

“Bye Bye, door!”

The dining and living rooms were separated from the kitchen by a three-foot doorway.  And considering that the kitchen has a spectacular view of the Willamette River—that
view-killing door just had to go.  “Now you feel like the kitchen is part of the dining and living room,” says Janel.  “There’s so much more light and brightness in there, and it Kitchen Renovation featuring ogee backsplashreally helps create that very sleek, very contemporary look.”  The kitchen is very modern and minimal.  So Janel wanted something that would add accent without detracting from the overall minimal look.  She chose a classic white elongated ogee backsplash.  Says Janel:  “We liked the tile shape.  Everything else is very simple, and the tile broke that up a little bit.”





Now, the greatest challenge.
Janel needed to find wood floors that would complement the existing wood
cabinets.  “Patricia wanted a dark wood floor, and when we put the dark wood up against the cabinets it made them look very old and very washed out,” Janel says.
“I spent a lot of time getting multiple samples until we struck the delicate balance with some ‘movement’ in the floor but not too much.”

Portland Kitchen Design Idea

The kitchen renovation project was completed quickly and on budget:  the Neil Kelly crew moved a load-bearing wall, removed carpet, replaced lighting, countertops (with beautiful Caesarstone!), and even re-used some of the cabinets to create cool-looking
shelving.  And they did all that—in just a little over two months.  Now, this circa 1978 Johns Landing condo has a sleek, open look—without creating more waste in the landfill.



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