Sisters Symphony




While driving past Sisters, Oregon recently to shoot some stories with our Bend Neil Kelly Group I was compelled to pull over at a viewpoint and take some video.  This may not have much to do with building or remodeling homes, but it has everything to do with why we love Central Oregon.

How The Girls Got Their Name

Actually, no one is quite sure who first coined the phrase “Three Sisters“.  A number of folks passed in front of them on their way to the west side of the Cascades during the mid to late 1800’s.  At one point they were called (from the North in descending order) Faith, Hope, and Charity.  Those terms never stuck.

A Blink In Time

The youngest of the Sisters is South Sister, an estimated 50,000 years old–which is considered pretty young in geologic time.  The oldest peak is North Sister, which is estimated to be more than 100,000 years old.  It is the most dangerous climb of the Three Sisters due to its level of erosion and rock fall.  Together the Sisters are the third, fourth, and fifth highest peaks in the state of Oregon, and contain nearly half of all of the 35 named glaciers in the state.

On a Personal Level

On a personal level, I’ve always had a fondness for this part of the state. Even though I am a lifetime West-sider (of the Cascades) my father was a rockhound–and Central Oregon contains a vast array of agates, geodes, obsidian, and even opal. As a kid I spent many summers in the Central Oregon wilderness, and was captivated by its rugged and arid beauty. One reason I picked this particular music track is that it speaks to me of the sensation of “alone-ness” in this stunningly beautiful place.


–David Schmitke

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