Eugene Neil Kelly “Jelly” Commercial

You’ve likely heard the phrase “jelly side down”; the notion that if a piece of toast was dropped on the floor the majority of the time it would land “jelly side down”. Well, now consider how to use this phrase in a television commercial about residential remodeling, and here’s what you’ll get: The whiz kids… > Read more

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Seattle Neil Kelly Commercial: “Yodel”

What’s home remodeling have to do with yodeling? Watch the video and discover the answer.

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Neil Kelly Wows Houzz

  The leading global platform for home remodeling and design has awarded Neil Kelly and 10 of its design consultants with customer satisfaction and design awards.  Houzz announced February forth the near record-level of awards bestowed to Neil Kelly’s company Houzz page and that of several Designers. “As a company there’s no one who even… > Read more

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Seattle Home Design Center

The Seattle Home Design Center is now open! Take the video tour.

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Kitchen Design Ideas: “Best Before and After!”

When it comes to kitchen design ideas everyone likes a good “before and after” picture. We promise not to disappoint with Mike and Janet Laux’s Beaverton-area kitchen. “My wife had come to hate the tile countertops and really wanted granite,” says Mike. “The flooring was old, worn, and dated.  The cabinetry was basic contractor grade and… > Read more

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“Declare” Your Home Healthy!

Nutritional labels may tell us what ingredients are in the food that we eat, but what’s in the building materials in our home? Where do they come from, what are they made of, and what happens to them at the end of their life? While those questions may seem difficult to answer—the answer is actually… > Read more

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