“Kitchens! Kitchens! Kitchens!”

You guessed it: Neil Kelly’s “Kitchens! Kitchens! Kitchens!” event is all about…bathrooms! Okay, kidding–it’s about kitchens.

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Solar Power Sun-flower

When you think of solar power you probably envision solar panels on the roof. But that’s not the only place you can grow solar, as this video proves.

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Neil Kelly Kitchen Cabinets: “Built To Last”

Kitchen cabinets are usually the first target of a kitchen remodeling project, and for good reason:  In many cases the cabinet styles were so faddish (remember—a fad is not a trend) that they are stylistically out of date.  And in other cases the kitchen cabinets were so cheaply built they’re simply falling apart. But recently… > Read more

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Neil Kelly Company: “One of the Best”

The Oregon Business Journal today released their list of the top 100 companies to work for, and–not a surprise to those of us who work here–Neil Kelly is on the list! Here’s what our fearless leader, Tom Kelly, had to say in a company-wide email this afternoon: “I am pleased to announce that Neil Kelly… > Read more

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Eugene Neil Kelly “Jelly” Commercial

You’ve likely heard the phrase “jelly side down”; the notion that if a piece of toast was dropped on the floor the majority of the time it would land “jelly side down”. Well, now consider how to use this phrase in a television commercial about residential remodeling, and here’s what you’ll get: The whiz kids… > Read more

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