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Don’t simply remodel your house. Redefine the form and function of 
your space, rejuvenate 
your environment, and realize your home’s true 
potential. Neil Kelly is changing what it means to remodel, and we've 
got some beautiful, bold, and brilliant ways of showing you how. 


Winter Remodeling Specials!

When you remodel with Neil Kelly, we'll help you make the most of your project, from start to finish, and years beyond. That's why we're collaborating with our great partners to bring you these exclusive offers. Be sure to schedule your project by December 31st, and start rethinking home today!


Free design consultation.
An exclusive 5-year warranty
on all BASCO appliance.
A free Weber gas grill (a $400 value)*
perfect for cooking out year-round.


Free design consultation and a
Vogue Towel Warmer from
Chown Hardware (a $400 value)*
to keep your bathroom comfortable
and luxurious.

Living Space

Free design consultation, plus a paint color consultation and a Rodda paint gift card (a $400 value)* to make your living room, dining room, bedroom, or basement plans a reality.

 Living Room
 Dining Room

Got something else on your wish list?

Already have a grill you love, a towel warmer that works just fine, and more paint than you know what to do with? No problem! Our partners have pitched in to provide a wide array of gift certificate alternatives for our Remodeling Specials. And to sweeten the deal, we've set up a range of offerings based on the size of your project.

Offer Details:

To qualify, sign your project contract before December 31, 2012. Incentives are based upon total project budget, as outlined below:

Kitchen Projects*
$15k - 35k    $250 gift card from BASCO
$35k - 70k    Weber E-210 Grill from BASCO ($400 retail value) or $400 gift card from BASCO
$70k+          Weber E-210 Grill from BASCO + $250 gift card or $650 gift card from BASCO

*All Neil Kelly clients receive a 5-year extended warranty on appliances purchased from BASCO as part of their kitchen remodeling project.

Bathroom Projects
$15k - 35k    $250 gift card from Chown Hardware
$35k - 70k    Vogue Tahiti Towel Warmer from Chown Hardware ($400 retail value) or $400 gift card from Chown Hardware
$70k+          Vogue Tahiti Towel Warmer + $200 gift card from Chown Hardware or $650 gift card from Chown Hardware

Living Space Projects (Does not apply to kitchen and bath projects.)
$15k - 35k    $250 gift card from Rodda Paint
$35k - 70k    Paint color consultation ($250 retail value) + $150 gift card from Rodda Paint or $400 gift card from Rodda Paint
$70k+          Paint color consultation + $400 gift card from Rodda Paint or $650 gift card from Rodda Paint