NEW Solar Landing Last Chance for Tax Credits

This is the Year of Solar!
Take Advantage of Year End Tax Credits.

Get your residential or commercial solar system in place now and take advantage of 2014 tax credits. Rebates and tax credits for solar systems are significant, and a purchased system can help eliminate or reduce your electric bill, and add resale value to your home.

Washington residents, please call 206.343.2822 to learn more about tax credits and incentives in your area.

Why Solar?
The Northwest gets more sun than Germany, the world’s most solarized nation. While we all know that Western Oregon and Washington are wet, even on overcast days your solar panels will be generating at least 60 percent of their full capacity, which can significantly offset your electric bill — even in winter. Of course, every house differs, but with modern solar, your roof does not even have to face south anymore. Any direction but north can still capture up to 95 percent of south-facing solar production.

It’s time to own your own energy grid at home – with solar from Mr. Sun Solar, a Neil Kelly Company. We specialize in design and installation of photovoltaic systems and have long been dedicated to the expansion of cost-effective, renewable energy in the Pacific Northwest and around the world. Our goals are to save you money and protect the environment.

Why Now?
While there is no “typical” solar system, system installation costs may be reduced by as much as 2/3 after Energy Trust rebates and state and federal tax credits.* That means the payback time is just a few years. The availability of zero-down financing allows you to start immediately without significant out-of-pocket costs.**

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*Financing is provided by independent lending institutions and is dependent on the applicant’s credit history. ** Please consult with your tax advisor about tax credits for your home.

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