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Welcome, Meals on Wheels People! Neil Kelly is an avid supporter of the Meals on Wheels organization. By signing up for a free solar evaluation from Mr. Sun Solar (a Neil Kelly Company), you can learn about the suitablility of your own home or business property for solar production AND generate a $100 contribution to Meals on Wheels People.

Why Solar in Oregon?

Oregon gets more sun than Germany, the world’s most solarized nation. While we all know that Western Oregon is wet, even on overcast days your solar panels will be generating at least 60 percent of their full capacity, which can significantly offset your electric bill — even in winter. Of course, every house differs, but with modern solar, your roof does not even have to face south anymore. Any direction but north can still capture up to 95 percent of south-facing solar production. Sign up for the evaluation and learn more!

What’s Involved in a Solar Evaluation?

After this form is submitted, we will contact you to set up a free in-home solar consultation, or to answer any questions you may have about all of the ways that you can save energy and save money using solar electricity. We will look at sun orientation and path, roof angles, shading, current energy use and provide you a candid evaluation on whether your home is an appropriate candidate for solar.

There’s Never Been a Better Time for Solar

This is truly is amazing time for solar. As the cost per watt continues to decrease, you can speed the return on investment through generous rebates as well as federal and state tax incentives, which can cut the cost of your system by as much as 66%.

About Mr. Sun Solar

Mr. Sun Solar is the oldest solar installation company in Portland, and founder John Patterson — who is still on board with us — trained most of the solar technicians in this region.

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