This is your home, renewed.

Reworked, revamped, re-imagined as the modern, energy-efficient machine that puts your peace of mind on par with contemporary comfort.

Welcome to the great indoors.

Take advantage of an exciting program supported by Neil Kelly and Community Power Works, and check those overdue energy upgrades like insulation, new heating systems and replacement windows off your list for good. Reduce your home’s energy consumption and costs by up to 30% or more, with no money down and up to $4,000 in instant rebates plus a $95 home energy audit valued at $500.

Learn more about how our process works.

Neil Kelly has partnered with Community Power Works to complete xxx Home Energy Assessments in the Seattle area!
  • Improve Energy Efficiency
  • Save Money
  • Get Comfortable
  • Be Healthy!

“Just wanted to let you know our house feels unbelievable. The draftiness is gone and it’s amazing how the house is holding heat.”
-Adam Y., Home Performance Client

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