Dry Rot Repair & Prevention

Got rot? Anything made of wood is going to decay, and your home is no exception. Especially in the moist Pacific Northwest, homeowners are fighting a constant battle against dry rot. Here are four important facts you should know about dry rot, and how to protect your home:

  • What is dry rot? Don’t let the word “dry” fool you. Dry rot starts with wet wood…wood that is filled with a fungus that—even as it dries—starts to decay.
  • How do you find dry rot? While there is no tried – and – true method for the average homeowner, our Homeforce Professional handymen know that some of the common locations for dry-rot is under windows, around doors, and around where your home sits on its foundation
  • How do you fix dry rot? Like cancer, dry rot must be removed before it spreads. But don’t worry, after our home professionals are done you will never know where they dry rot lived.
  • How do I prevent dry rot from returning? Removing dry rot is just one part of the solution. Weatherizing, caulking, and installing effective flashing to keep the water out in the first place—well—that’s the right way to say “no” to conditions that invite rot into your home.