Dreams of a New Kitchen: No Desire to Do the Work Themselves
In the sixty years that Gene and Sharon Bigham have lived in their Sherwood home not one room has been left untouched. “We figured out that the house was originally built in 1913″, says Gene, “and over time we’ve changed every single room.” Twenty years ago the Bigham’s decided two things: One, they wanted a new kitchen, and Two, they didn’t want to do the work themselves. So they hired Neil Kelly Design Consultant, Faye Corneliuson. Faye is retired now, but back then she was gven one specific demand. The kitchen must have red countertops. When asked if he likes the color red Gene will tell you in no uncertain terms, that, “No. But my wife does”.

Quality Time Together: Let Neil Kelly do it!
Maybe it is Gene’s wisdom that has helped the couple stay married for over 43 years, or maybe it’s his Saturday morning poker games that help keep him young, but over the years the Bighams’ decided they would rather spend time together than spend time working on their house. For the past several decades that job has been left to Neil Kelly. “I don’t do ladders anymore and my bones don’t work as well as they used to”, Gene says. “Neil Kelly does such a fine job that they get to do all the work now.”

Those red laminate countertops served their purpose over twenty years and eventually needed to be replaced. And that’s where Neil Kelly HomeForce Handyman Thomas Lifschutz comes in. With no job too big or to small Neil Kelly’s HomeForce was hired to install the latest and greatest Quartz countertops. (You guessed it – bright red, of course). “I’ve really enjoyed getting to know them, they’re one of my favorite cleints”, says Thomas. “They are the sweetest couple you’ll ever meet.” It may not be something you hear when homeowners are talking about their handyman, but the Bighams’ feelings are mutual. “The people have all been super friendly, knowledgeable, and very conscience of not destroying stuff”, says Gene. “They are very thorough about making sure that everything works well.” Besides the kitchen they’ve scraped off the “cottage cheese” texture in the living room and added wallpaper in the dining room”, Gene says. “And they’re the ones who put the roof on a few years back.”

Keeping A HomeForce Honey-Do List
So are the Bigham’s done with their HomeForce honey-do list? Not by a long shot. “We’ve got a big back deck that is going to need to be replaced sometime in the next few years, so they’ll be back”.

And when that time comes Neil Kelly’s HomeForce will be ready.