Green Design Nivo

Reduce, Reuse, Remodel

Neil Kelly has a longstanding commitment and reputation for using green/sustainable building products and processes, making us a leader in the Northwest for Green Home Design and Building.  

Our design teams work to integrate sustainable materials and processes into each remodeling project. Instead of demolition, Neil Kelly deconstructs and reuses/repurposes what we can on-site. We take what is not repurposed on-site to the Rebuilding Center or Habitat for Humanity. See project profiles below, which highlight some of our green remodeling products and features.

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Kitchen Solutions

  1. Paint: Low-VOC
  2. Tile: Recycled Glass
  3. Cabinets: Low-VOC, Finishes, NAUF Agri-Board
  4. Countertop: Quartz
  5. Lighting: CFL & LED
Green Remodeling Kitchen New

Bathroom Solutions

  1. Countertop: Paper-Concrete Composite
  2. Paint: Low-VOC
  3. Cabinets: Low-VOC, Finishes, NAUF Agri-Board
  4. Lighting: Low Voltage Halogen Lighting
  5. Toilet & Showerhead: Low-flow
Green Design Bath New