TheDeanofGreen_Remodeling.jpgThis may surprise you, but this is a great time to remodel. As prices have dropped, more people are staying in and remodeling their homes. That’s smart. And we’re here to help.

As we have since Dad started the company, we’re finding innovative ways to save you money and be more environmentally friendly. The whole remodeling industry is shifting to the green ethic we pioneered. Everywhere I look, green is sprouting, from certification programs to magazines and products. It’s both heartening and thrilling to be a leader in this movement. And we strive to stay ahead. Our EcoEffort team leads the way. For instance, they coordinate EcoFairs for our staff. We invite a dozen or so suppliers to showcase their new products – everything from soy-based insulation to natural flooring and ceiling materials, and high-efficiency air-to-water heat pumps. Each fair emphasizes local, earth friendly items that have passed our staff’s selection criteria. It’s wonderful to hear lively discussions of how to use these exceptional products in our upcoming projects.

One terrific project that exemplifies the green trend is the 937 NW Glisan Building. Located in Portland’s bustling Pearl District, this new LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified condominium complex defines today’s eco-urban living. Our Neil Kelly Cabinets enhance the homes’ sleek lines and bright interiors.

With all of the incentives available, from utilities, states and the federal government, it’s a great time for everyone to improve the energy efficiency of their home. It’s natural for remodelers to provide home energy-efficiency improvement services. That’s why every time we do any major remodeling project for you, we’ll offer to do a comprehensive energy audit to pinpoint energy-efficiency improvements that will reduce your energy bills and make your home more comfortable and quiet. Get ready for even more dramatic improvements. Given how quickly design, construction, manufacturing, and people’s habits are changing, I’ll go out on a limb and predict that within ten years, we’ll be making all homes “net-zero energy.” That means that through energy conservation, energy efficiency, and onsite energy devices residents will produce all of the energy they need on an annual basis for space heating, water heating, cooling, lighting and other uses. Imagine! That will be fantastic!