KOHLER Event Nivo2

Thursday, April 7th from 5:30 – 8:00PM

Special Location!

1100 NW Glisan Street, Portland

Join us for a casual evening of wine tasting and remodeling inspiration. Enjoy a series of six short wine seminars hosted by television personality and wine blogger Brian von Dedenroth. Meet Neil Kelly designers and learn how you can improve the aesthetic of your home with smart design and elegant materials.

Each segment is approx. 30mins.

Seminar 1: How to Taste Wine
Learn how to taste both white and red wine in 4 easy steps: See, Smell, Sip, Summarize

Seminar 2: Is the Price Right?
Blind taste 3 wines and list them from least to most expensive. Then discuss the wines, their prices, and their value.

Seminar 3: Champagne Alternatives
Learn about 3 popular and typically less expensive alternatives to Champagne: Cava, Prosecco, and Cremant.

Seminar 4: The Judgement of Pinot
Do you know your Pinot and can  you pick where it’s from in a blind tasting?

Seminar 5 – Pacific NW Terroir
Discover what effect the differing terroir of the Columbia and The Rogue Valley have on Viognier.

Seminar 6 – More Flavor for Less
Taste 3 unique wines from lesser known regions that give a lot for a little.

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