Baseball, Bruins, and the B-Corporation (VIDEO)





What does Baseball have in common with a B-Corporation?

Well, first maybe we should explain that Neil Kelly is a B-Corporation and then we’ll take ten seconds to describe what a B-Corporation actually is.

Y’see, the “B” in B-Corporation stands for “Benefits”. Specifically, that means benefits to People, Planet, and Profit–in that order.  As a company we are legally required–by the State of Oregon–to mandate putting people and planet before profit.  In other words, as a company we will only do what is beneficial for people and the environment before we turn a buck.  Sound fair?

B-Corporation, Baseball, Benefit

One thing B-Corporations do is perform community service to help groups in need, and that’s exactly what Neil Kelly Designer Therese DuBravac did.  She’s tackled the challenge of trying to raise money and support for the Sam Barlow High School Baseball Team.  Why does a High School Baseball Team like the Bruins need help?  Well, if you’ve followed Oregon school funding issues in the news during the past two decades you already know that schools are barely getting by, and programs like Sports, Music, and Drama are often the first to go.  We would argue that all of those programs help teach our children about living and thriving in this world.  And if you need further convincing, check out this video recently produced by Neil Kelly’s video dude, David Schmitke:

Neil Kelly is a remodeling, home improvement, and home energy company, so what does this have to do with that? Absolutely nothing. But we feel we share a responsibility to our community, and you would like to learn more about becoming a B-Corporation click here. If you’d like to help out the Sam Barlow Baseball team, click here.