Home Building: Creating a New Classic in Newberg



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Home building may not be the first thing most people think of when they think of the Neil Kelly Company.  But the largest home remodeling contractor in the Northwest also builds new homes. And this new home is special — it has to look like it’s been in the neighborhood for 100 years!

Home Building: What You Didn’t See in the Video

If you were watching the video and wondered why the old house couldn’t be donated to the local fire department it’s because it had an unusually high level of asbestos in the walls — which had to be removed by a professional asbestos abatement company.  After the plaster was gone there were just studs — an inaccurate re-creation of what most firefighters would face in a real house fire.

After the old structure was finally deconstructed and the land was cleared the family let a local restaurant grow a vegetable garden on the location for over a year. The economic downturn in the housing market made it difficult for the family to sell their other home, but once the real estate market started to improve they sold their existing property and the Neil Kelly project started — more than three years after it was initially planned.

Home Building Started Early in Newberg

Incorporated in 1889 tradition holds that Newberg was named after the hometown of the region’s first postmaster — Neuberg, Germany.  Newberg, Oregon was the first community in the state to hold Quaker services, and founded George Fox University — classified by U.S. News and World Report as a first-tier regional university.

The town’s most famous citizen? Well, most believe that distinction still belongs to the 31st President of the United States:  Herbert Hoover.  He moved to Newberg in 1885 to live with his uncle after the deaths of his parents.  The home has been turned into the Hoover-Minthorn House museum.

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