Kitchen Design Ideas: “Best Before and After!”




When it comes to kitchen design ideas everyone likes a good “before and after” picture. We promise not to disappoint with Mike and Janet Laux’s Beaverton-area kitchen.

“My wife had come to hate the tile countertops and really wanted granite,” says Mike. “The flooring was old, worn, and dated.  The cabinetry was basic contractor grade and we were tired of the look,” he says.  “Finally, the lighting was very pedestrian with a single ugly fluorescent fixture.”

If he didn’t work within the available space, Neil Kelly designer Joel Fraley knew the kitchen remodeling project could become pricey.  So he — and his team of Design Associate Kendra Duong and Project Manager John Finn prepared to work with the space they had. “The existing kitchen was TINY,” Joel says. “We were able to increase the width of the space by moving out the cabinet base, and then we packed all sorts of storage into the new space.”



“You might say we got everything we wanted and more out of the remodel,” Mike says. “We love the feeling of additional space, the execution of the cabinets in both style and quality, and we really love the new lighting scheme with the pots, pendants, and under cabinet fixtures.”

Mike is a skilled woodworker himself,” Joel says, “so was important that we carried the design from the tile backsplash through to the cabinet doors.”  The custom designed cabinets are made by Neil Kelly, and offer the highest standards in environmental sustainability and home safety but using low-VOC glues and finishes.

Notice how the lighting combined with the natural wood bring a more relaxed feel to the Laux kitchen?




“And the natural cork floors also add space to the kitchen, and since they were added over the entire first floor they really tie all the rooms together,” says Joel.

Since the overall square-footage of the space wasn’t drastically increased, Joel and his crew made use of creative storage spaces.  And since Janet loves to bake, there’s a pull-out mixer than lets her create all sorts of sweet concoctions.  “Joel was the best to work with,” Janet says, “he brought so many ideas to the project that our kitchen went from a small, dated space to a spacious kitchen that fits our daily cooking needs.”

With a myriad of awards, certifications, and kudos available there are many ways Designers can feel professional achievment.  But for Joel Fraley and the rest of the Lake Oswego Design Build crew — they’ll take this one any day:

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