Repair Damage To Your Home With Property Restoration Services

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Above: Damage to your home or business property has a significant impact on your life. Neil Kelly works with you and your insurance carrier to restore your property as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

It strikes fear into the heart of every home or business owner: a huge storm blows in and crashes a tree into the roof, a leak floods the basement or a fire causes significant smoke damage. Damage to your home or business property has a significant impact on your life; not just financially, but logistically and emotionally as well. Neil Kelly works with you and your insurance carrier to restore your property as quickly and seamlessly as possible, and with minimal stress and disruption to your life. Here’s how.

First Steps

To start the process, we meet with you at your home or business and survey the damage to see what’s going to be needed for repairs. “Sometimes there are pre-construction services that are necessary,” says Neil Kelly Project Manager Alan Heacock. “We might need to do hazardous material testing for asbestos and lead, or there might need to be some water mitigation services done, like pulling out sopping wet carpet.”

The Bid

Once the pre-construction work is completed, we write an estimate, as does the insurance company. Most of the time, the Neil Kelly estimate is the larger of the two, but it’s more comprehensive and addresses every need for thorough repairs. Restoration work also presents an opportunity to upgrade your property to code. “Especially in older buildings, there may be quite a bit of code upgrade for electrical or HVAC or plumbing,” says Heacock. “Our estimate is always as comprehensive as possible, and many times the insurance companies don’t have those kind of items included.”

Above: Here in the Pacific Northwest, damage from falling trees is a common occurrence. Neil Kelly can help you and your home get back to normal.

Negotiating with the Insurance Company

Once estimates are presented to you and/or the insurance company, we enter into negotiation to assist in and settle the claim. “That often requires a ‘scope walk’ where we’ll come out and meet the insurance adjuster onsite, so at least we can try and agree on what the scope of repairs is,” says Heacock. “If we can agree on the scope, then we can negotiate price within the scope.”

Code upgrade work often ends up being covered by insurance because of safety provisions. “For example, on a recent project we found old wiring without the right kind of conduit. That’s a safety concern, and most of the time on code upgrade items we don’t get much pushback.”

Restoration vs. Remodeling

Unlike a remodeling project that customers can plan for and take time with, a restoration project starts with the property already in disrepair — and clients want to start as quickly as possible to get back to normalcy. “There’s an additional level of stress and pressure for both the client and the restoration team on these projects,” says Heacock. “When we’re standing in the middle of someone’s kitchen, and there’s nothing there, the first question we hear is ‘When am I going to get my kitchen back?’ It can be a very difficult time and that’s why we make it as easy as possible for our customers.”

Neil Kelly not only facilitates the timing of repairs so that everybody knows how long it will take, we ensure your home or business is restored to the same as you remember. In many cases your restored property will come with code upgrades, electrical improvements and more modern materials, too.

If your home or business has been damaged, Neil Kelly can help you get your property back into shape. Our experts in the field will work on your property, while our experts in the office will work behind-the-scenes to complete the paperwork and process to get you started. Get in touch!