Safe Pet Remodeling




safe pet remodeling

Safe pet remodeling may not be something you think about before the start of a new remodeling project.  But if your dog gets out or your cat runs away–it can add a whole lot of stress to the job.  Normally I get my blog post ideas from the group of extremely talented designers who work at any of our five Neil Kelly offices, but this time my own cat gave me everything I needed to produce the post.  And, I get some awesome tips from the Oregon Humane Society that you can use for the next project for safe pet remodeling.

SAFE PET REMODELING: More great tips!

When dogs are stressed out they will also want to drink more water. So make sure the water bowl is full and continually fresh. With many remodeling jobs there is more dust in the air, but Neil Kelly goes to great lengths to keep the dust to a minimum. In fact, Neil Kelly Project Manager Ted Johnson said that–in one job–they had to deal with a very energetic puppy. “Normally we put up a thick plastic sheet from top to bottom and install a zipper door so workers can come and go,”Ted says. “But this puppy was so strong and so happy that he would blast right through heavy gauge plastic. So the crew resorted to building a temporary wood wall with an actual wood door to keep the puppy out. And that was before they touched one piece of the remodeling job.

Many cats will go catatonic–as Ted says–and just hide under the bed. “But we also will get cats who want to see everything we’re doing,”says Ted. “They are more difficult to deal with because they don’t seem to have any fear.

Ted says about 50% of our clients have a dog or cat…and in many cases…both.

If you have more questions about remodeling and pets, please call the Behavior Center at the Oregon Humane Society.