Working With What You Have.




For those of us who don’t have the winning Powerball ticket in our wallet, we’ll have to keep a close eye on our remodeling budget.  As we improve our home we’ll have to make informed decisions on what to keep, what to modify, and what to completely replace.

"Before" picture of the Cunninghams Yamhill Kitchen
“Before” shot of the Yamhill-area kitchen

As they looked at the kitchen of their Yamhill area home, Cindy and Chris Cunningham knew they would have to make some tough decisions. Like most of us, they had a budget, and knew their project would have to include a mix of old and new.

Fortunately for the Cunninghams, they had some professional help.  Award-winning Neil Kelly Design Consultant Joel Fraley started the project by asking the couple a lot of questions. “They were not sure how long they wanted to stay in this house,” Joel says. “So we looked at a solution that wouldn’t require tearing out existing cabinets.”


“Bad case of dueling doors”

So Joel knew they would need to keep most of the cabinets.
But the kitchen had one annoying feature that would have to go; the dishwasher
and oven door opened into each other, making for an awkward dance of sorts when
cooking and cleaning.  Joel addressed that little dance by modifying the oven wall.
He added new cabinet doors and end panels, and added pullouts to the base cabinets. The upper cabinets look new in the “after” pictures, but they’re not.  Joel simply added a larger crown molding and applied a new coat of paint—an amazing contrast without an amazing bill.  “We wanted our project to be as green as possible and Joel supported and encouraged that,” Cindy says. “He also scaled the project to our budget without sacrificing the features we wanted.”

“A Little Change Goes A Long Way”

The Cunninghams did opt for a change in countertops, and chose a beautiful Cosentino Quartz product made with recycled content.  Joel also added an island made of Fuez
recycled glass and concrete. Project Manager Paul Louis was there every stop of the way to manage the project. “Both Joel and Paul were available by phone and email throughout the entire project”, Cindy says. “As expected, everything went smoothly”.

Fuze Countertops

It’s not as difficult to plan a remodel with unlimited funds.  The trick is working with what
you’ve got.  The Cunningham’s choice to hire a professional Design Consultant enabled them to save money and get the kitchen they wanted.

Now, if they so desire, they can focus on picking that winning lottery ticket.

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