Ryan McCune

Portland Handyman Services Consultant


“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.”

That Henry Ford quote neatly sums up Ryan McCune’s approach to his craft.

Ryan’s 20-year journey through the construction trade has taken him into residential, commercial and industrial settings. From working on a small Craftsman-style home in SE Portland, to high rises in San Francisco, to copper mines in Northern Arizona, and back to Portland again, he has yet to run into a job – big or small – that he can’t do well.

Here at Neil Kelly, Ryan enjoys the company’s emphasis on trades and craftsmanship. “We don’t just work here, we build communities,” he says. “We’re a group of talented tradesmen & tradeswomen who love and value what we do.”

Ryan’s favorite recent project was creating custom millwork in a historic home. A small section of mahogany trim needed to be replaced, and no modern machinery could reproduce the piece without extreme expense. So Ryan researched the detailed antique woodwork and fashioned his own tool to reproduce the section by hand.

“Sometimes the hard way is the best way through a difficult task,” he says.

In his spare time Ryan enjoys woodworking, raising his two beautiful daughters, and outdoor activities in the Pacific Northwest.