Fix It To List It

What projects are worth doing if you’re going to sell your home? The answers in this video.

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Mid-Century Modern Windows

  Kim Herman lives in a house of windows: 36 drafty, unframed single panes in just 1,150-square feet. It’s a home inspired by mid-century California architectural icon and developer Joseph Eichler, whose style was typified by floor-to-ceiling windows to “bring the outside in.” But what’s perfect for a California climate isn’t as comfortable for Seattle’s cold,… > Read more

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Solar Panel Strength–VIDEO

Check out this amazing video from Solar World. We buy our panels locally…and they’re tough little guys!

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Is “Or” a Dirty Word in Home Renovation?

There’s a popular commercial on TV lately that talks about how it’s better to use the word “and” instead of the word “or”. Have your cake “and” eat it certainly sounds a lot better than having your cake “or” eating it, doesn’t it? Well, the same concept holds true for home renovation.. Would you rather… > Read more

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