Who We Are

A world-class remodeling firm, at home in the Northwest.

Neil Kelly has been working to enhance Northwest homes and communities since 1947.

The heart of the Neil Kelly Company beats strong today, just as it has for nearly seven decades. It’s a heart that envelops the communities we work in, and the people we work with. We’re devoted to making peoples homes fit beautifully into their lifestyles. As we’ve grown into a multi-faceted design/build remodel and home improvement company, we continue to put people and our planet ahead of profits. The Neil Kelly team approach to design/build home remodeling was innovative 70 years ago. And it still is today.

Add in award winning designs, unparalleled craftsmanship and uncommon service and the result is predictable: thousands of happy clients.


Ever the innovator, Neil Kelly transforms homes in more ways than design/build remodeling. In fact, if your home needs a home improvement—from basement remodeling to a complete re-roof or solar system—Neil Kelly does it with an undying sense of perfection. Because at the end of each day, we want to be able to look ourselves in the new mirror in your newly improved home, and say “well done.”



Neil Kelly is now a certified B-Corp. Which means we join companies like New Seasons and A to Z Winery as we strive to make meaningful contributions to our environment—much the way we have by being first with formaldehyde-free cabinets and hiring LEED savvy designers. Our B-Corp status means that we must prove our sustainability every year and we must constantly strive to protect our planet. We accept the challenge. After all, it benefits us all, and our planet.



In 1947, Neil B. Kelly started a remodeling company with a $100 investment and a commitment to quality, value, and client satisfaction. During the next four decades, he built it into a nationally recognized business with a reputation for award-winning design, innovative practices, outstanding craftsmanship, and community engagement. Now, after 70 years, we’re still inspired by Neil’s vision, values and innovative spirit, and we continue to carefully craft our reputation one project — and one satisfied client — at a time.



Sure our teams consist of designers, project managers and carpenters with all kinds of awards for innovative remodels. But we’re now renowned for expansive home improvements, making homes energy efficient, re-roofing—even building custom homes. > CONTACT US TO SEE WHERE YOU BEST FIT IN