Run It On Sun With Solar Power Installation by Neil Kelly

We specialize in commercial and residential solar power installation and maintenance.

Neil Kelly Solar specializes in the design, installation and maintenance of residential and commercial solar energy systems. We’ve been a leader in the expansion of cost-effective, renewable energy in the Pacific Northwest, and our seasoned solar energy professionals have the resources and expertise to tailor a system to the unique requirements of your home or business.  Plus, we can help you access tax credits and incentives that can pay half of the cost of installing the system in many areas. Check out the annual savings and incentives for an average size house and residential solar system:

LOCAL CASH INCENTIVES: Up to $9,000 per household
FEDERAL TAX CREDIT: 26% of system cost after incentives


Is your home ready for solar?

Find out, with our complimentary assessment.

What system is right for your home? What’s your out-of-pocket cost, after incentives? How much will your home’s value increase when you add solar? How much energy will your system produce? How long will it take your system to pay for itself?

The professionals at Neil Kelly can answer these and any other questions you may have about solar, with a complimentary home solar assessment. It’s thorough, accurate, and free of charge. TALK TO A SPECIALIST >

Cutting-Edge Solar Technology

Backed by a Stellar Warranty

Modern solar electric systems are reliable, efficient, and economical. They increase the value of your home or business, and provide clean solar energy for decades. We install only top performing system components from solar industry leaders, and every system we install comes standard with Neil Kelly’s legendary quality and attention to detail, as well as our industry leading 5-Year Warranty. TALK TO A SPECIALIST >

The best deal under the sun.

Big Incentives make solar affordable.

Generous solar tax credits and incentives can substantially reduce the cost of installing a solar electric system. We have listed below the incentives that apply to most Oregon and Washington residents. Please note that incentives and tax credits can change frequently, and are generally lowered or eliminated with short notice. Ask you Neil Kelly solar consultant for more information.

Net Metering is an agreement between a residential or commercial customer and their electric utility to allow consumer generated solar power to be feed into the grid and credited towards the customer’s account (your meter spins backwards!). Whether you consume the electricity or feed it back into the grid, you will see the savings on your electricity bill.

Federal Tax Credits can offset up to 26% of the cost of your residential or commercial solar energy system!

Local Cash Incentives are available too; up to $9,000 per household.


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