Home Design That Brings the Tropics Home




tropical home design
Either you’re the lucky recipient of your Uncles’ unused frequent flyer miles, you already live in Hawaii, or you’d rather not think about sunny places when the mercury is taking a nose-dive—but if you don’t have the time, money, or energy to blast off to the Caribbean—you may want to bring a little bit of paradise into your home.

Home design tropical bathroom

“My clients wanted their home design to feel like a vacation when they were at home,” says Neil Kelly Designer, Randi Reed.  “They travel extensively and requested the feel of Mexico or some exotic island.”  While Hillsboro is not far from a beach, the Pacific Ocean at the 45th parallel allows swimmers about a half hour of soak time before hypothermia sets in.

home design tropical bathroom  So clearly Randi was going to have to go for a different look and feel.  Rainforest brown marble tops with under-mount copper glass bowls blends with the terra cotta colored porcelain tile in the shower and on the tub deck.  A peachy 12”x24” porcelain floor tile installed in a running bond pattern gave the look of beach sand. “Our clients love the feeling of still being on vacation in their master suite even after they’ve returned home,” Randi says.

Of course, not every tropical home design feature works well in cold climates.  For instance, Neil Kelly Design Consultant, Janel Campbell, had a client who initially wanted an outdoor shower.  “Then reality hit them that they live in Oregon,” Janel says.
home design of a tropical bath
So Janel incorporated home design features that mimicked an outdoor shower, like using a glass shower enclosure half wall to simulate open space. “Then, we went for a bamboo effect with the tile by laying it vertically instead of installing it horizontally,” says Janel.

home design tropical bathWhether it’s installing palm tree pulls or a waterfall tub spout—there are plenty of little touches to bring tropical aloha (love) into your hale (home).  But if nothing but the real thing will do, you can always shop for a good deal on flights.


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