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Meet the home design experts at Neil Kelly

Behind every Neil Kelly design/build remodeling project, design award and happy client you’ll find a Neil Kelly design consultant.

This outstanding team of credentialed designers and building professionals boasts a depth and breadth of expertise and ability that is second to none. Their shared passion for residential design, commitment to quality and client satisfaction, and dedication to professional collaboration benefit every Neil Kelly client.

Stefanie Rotella
Eugene Design Consultant, AKBD
Brian Hurst
Karen Richmond
Portland Design Consultant, CMKBD, CAPS, CGP
Rob Van Houten
Tessa Isett
Amy Hekker
Bend Design Consultant
Byron Kellar
Michelle Rolens
Portland Design Consultant, CMKBD, CR, CAPS
Matt White
Eugene General Manager, Design Consultant
Fabian Genovesi
Kathryn Weber
Magda Zafer
Eugene Design Consultant, ASSOC. AIA, CKBD, CAPS, CGP
Mary Miksch
Training Director, LEED-AP, CAPS, ASSOC. AIA
Eliot Headskog
Portland Design Consultant
Chad Terry
Bend Design Consultant
Amanda Sava
Robert Barham
Tonya Bellusci
Portland Design Consultant
Kathy Hanson
Kathleen Donohue
Bend Design Consultant, CMKBD, CAPS
Anne Bauer
Seattle Design Consultant, CAPS, CGP
Paul Haigh
Bend Design Consultant AKBD, CAPS
Erika Altenhofen
Portland Design Consultant, AKBD
Jamie Smugeresky
Kimithy Nagel
Seattle Design Consultant, CKBD
Janel Campbell
Portland Design Consultant, CMKBD, CAPS