Tired of living in a drafty home with high energy bills? Call Neil Kelly’s Home Performance team of certified professionals to schedule an energy audit. Our auditors will conduct a walk-through and multiple tests in your home to assess its energy efficiency. They will then provide you with a report that outlines where your home needs improvement and the most effective measures you can take for your energy dollar to reach the comfort level you want.

Home Performance Energy Assessment Tests

  • Blower door tests to detect drafts and air leaks
  • Duct blaster tests to improve heating efficiency and air quality
  • Combustion safety tests to check proper venting and efficiency of appliances
  • Carbon monoxide safety tests to ensure air quality
  • Indoor air quality inspections throughout the house
  • Pressure balancing tests to maximize heating & cooling to all rooms
  • Infrared imaging to reveal hot and cold spots in your home
  • Moisture readings to correct conditions that can lead to mold and mildew.
  • Interior and Exterior Physical Inspections
  • Attic and crawl space venting evaluations
  • Neil Kelly’s Home Performance program will identify and implement comprehensive solutions for performance problems at the most cost-effective price possible.


Home Energy Assessment Diagnosis

Rather than focusing on a single component, such as single-pane windows, an old air conditioning system, or leaky duct work, our Home Performance team will provide you with a complete Home Performance with Energy Star assessment. They will assess how improvements to all of these components can work together to provide:

  • Fewer Drafts
  • Consistent Temperatures Across Rooms
  • Better Ventilation and Humidity Control
  • Lower Utility Bills
  • And most importantly, MORE COMFORT!


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