Custom Home Projects
An Earth-Friendly Mountain Retreat


This Parkdale, Oregon custom home features a solar energy system, sustainable design, Earth-friendly materials and more.


Powered by a 3kW ground mounted solar energy system and envisioned as a live-in laboratory of sustainable building design and practices, the Kelly-Woodford custom home — the first LEED-H certified home in the Pacific Northwest — is a true mountain retreat.

Situated in Parkdale, Oregon, on the Northeast side of Mount Hood, the home is currently used by Neil Kelly President Tom Kelly and his family, and by employees of Neil Kelly Company.

The home is positioned so that the main floor windows can capture beautiful mountain views and use the sun’s rays for passive solar heating. The structure contains a large area of thermal mass that is able to store the heat of the sun. Clerestory awning windows, high on the North side of the home, open for passive ventilation.

Two energy recovery ventilation systems manage the indoor air quality of the well-sealed home.

Averaged over the course of the year, the home is designed to use less electricity than it creates. Excess output from the solar panels is fed directly back to the power lines.

Other design features include the use of highly insulated wall systems with a variety of siding materials. The lower walls are Durisol block insulated concrete forms, made of recycled materials.

Double stud walls are filled with 8 inches of foam insulation. Windows are Marvin Integrity, chosen for their performance and durability. Siding is FSC certified wood, stucco and corrugated recycled steel.

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Most of the roof planes are 12-inch structural insulated panels. The recycled content metal roofing has reflective qualities to keep summer heat from the interior.

Materials used in the Neil Kelly custom cabinets have no formaldehyde, and the rest of the interior components are chosen with indoor air quality in mind. All of the wood used in the home is either FSC certified or reclaimed lumber. All paints, stains and sealers have low or no volatile organic compounds.

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