Exterior Projects
Council Crest Outdoor Living

Portland Addition

This Mid-Century addition features a glorious outdoor living space with cedar accents, cozy furnishings, year-round heating and more.


The homeowners loved their location and neighbors but needed more space to accommodate their busy lifestyle and growing children. Before embarking on an addition they looked for other homes, and finally decided that the home they had could be made even better.

They wanted all of the kids on the same level as the primary bedroom. They had tried with the oldest to sleep downstairs but she ended up bunking in her brother’s room. The plan was to open up space for two bedrooms on the main floor. To accomplish this, the homeowners were willing to give up part of an under-utilized deck, but wanted to preserve a family gathering area close to the kitchen.

“When a home has good bones it allows us to update the home to meet current needs and add a wow factor that takes it to the next level.” – Neil Kelly Design Consultant Michelle Rolens

Design Challenges
Designing an addition suspended from a house with beams is often difficult and more so on a sloped lot. The project had to be broken into phases so that each element of the addition could be put into place seamlessly and without tearing up previous work. Additional challenges included creating proper drainage for the addition, and adding a heating system for the two new bedrooms.

Design Solutions
The Mid-Century design of the home allowed us to extend the slightly vaulted flat roof to create space for the two new bedrooms. A third bedroom was existing but egress windows were changed to make this a legal bedroom again. To complete their main floor living we also remodeled the bathroom, bringing in a second sink, better storage and lighting.

Special Features
The area underneath the addition became a central feature of the project: A gorgeous outdoor living space off the family room. The ceiling is finished with clear cedar and includes a gas heater to allow the space to be used year-round. This has been extremely helpful for hosting small outdoor gatherings during COVID.

Additional cedar accents add warmth and coziness to the overall design. New siding and dark paint completes the transformation on the outside of the house.

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