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Cramped kitchen design transformation

Seattle Kitchen Remodel

This Kirkand kitchen remodeling project features open shelves and modern cabinetry.

What will you do when your children graduate from college? For this Kirkland, Washington couple, the answer was simple: make your dream kitchen into a reality. The existing kitchen in this 1984 home felt tight, cramped and disconnected from the open plan of the living and dining area. It was also dark and had little room for our designers to work with the clients, let alone space for family or friends when entertaining. The kitchen may have been where the couple cooked for their children when they were younger, but it was long overdue for an update.

“We got the very most from the space as far as function and aesthetics,” says Diane Foreman, Neil Kelly design consultant. Because both clients loved to cook, making sure the remodel opened up the space to allow them to finally work together was also a priority.

Along with opening up the space, the clients requested improved ventilation, increased counter space and open shelves and storage for their cookbook collection. To start, the Neil Kelly team installed a pantry and broom closet to increase storage, while maintaining a 36” aisle in the area outside the work triangle between the refrigerator, sink and stove top. This prevented encroachment on the existing sliding door location.

A combination of open shelves and modern cabinetry were used to improve storage and show off the client’s cookbook collection. “It’s an art combining traditional and contemporary elements,” says Foreman. “You need to utilize line and color to blend them together harmoniously.”

“We hit on everything the clients wanted. They had dreamed of this kitchen for so long and they finally got their dream.” – Diane Foreman

Staying On Budget

Part of the creative process in any redesign is finding solutions that work within both the space and the budget. In order to increase the ventilation while keeping the space open and inviting, the team got creative. The perimeter ventilation was installed in a custom soffit above the cooktop, providing state of the art ventilation at a comfortable height (and price) for both clients.

The expanded island also includes a new induction cooktop and a single oven flanked by filler pull outs for herbs and spices. An open shelf for cookbooks runs the length of the island with plenty of storage cabinets for pots and pans below.

A free-standing dining table with a rustic finish provides additional workspace, a comfortable dining experience and a place for guests to sit while the clients entertain. An accent element like this is crucial when working with a light, soothing color palette. “If you’re using greys and whites, you run the risk of it becoming a little boring unless you have contrast. By bringing in the natural wood and the rustic character of the table and whimsy of the umbrella light, we gave character to a kitchen that could have had a sterile look,” says Foreman.

A Dream Come True

Everyone has their idea of a dream kitchen, and these clients were no different. With over 20 years to think about it, the clients brought the Neil Kelly team a very clear direction. The open, spacious feel they were looking for was achieved by removing an existing structural wall. More counter and storage space was created by being mindful of areas like the work triangle and sliding glass doors, and making the most of the space created by the larger island.

With all the major pieces in place, creating a clean and charming Scandinavian look was simply a matter of finding the right balance of materials, colors and elements. “We hit on everything the clients wanted,” says Foreman. “They had dreamed of this kitchen for so long and they finally got their dream.”

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