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Lewisville Spa Inspired Bathroom

Portland Bathroom Remodel

This Portland area bathroom remodel features a walk-in shower, freestanding tub, contemporary Rustic style and more.


In this project the homeowners planned to remain in their home indefinitely and they wanted a spa-like bathroom that would meet their needs now and in the future.

Their existing bathroom was burdened with a host of issues. Moisture was difficult to manage because of poor ventilation and temperature control. Windows were failing. The fiberglass shower surround had a head that was covered in calcium deposits and painfully low, even for an average-sized person to stand under. The bathroom also had a beat up old vinyl floor, an oversized (and never used) jetted tub, and a double vanity with dated, red oak cabinetry.

The bathroom was just tired.

So the Neil Kelly team, led by Design Consultant Janel Campbell, improved the functionality of the bathroom, and came up with a contemporary Rustic aesthetic for the space, using a careful blend of crisp yet slightly unfitted elements.

Design Goals:
– Contemporary feel
– A walk-in shower with limited glass surfaces
– Easy to maintain materials, including the grout
– A single vanity: The homeowners had modest storage needs and wanted to allocate more space to the shower
– An appropriately sized soaking tub: No need to waste water or float away
– New windows
– Better moisture control

Design Solutions:

The fixtures were all relocated to create a private retreat while showering, relaxation while bathing, and a single vanity wide enough for two people to use comfortably.

The vanity features drawer-in-drawer storage to provide clean lines on the front face while giving good access for all of the homeowners’ small items stored inside.

Rustic reclaimed wall paneling was installed at the vanity and two walls surrounding the smaller freestanding tub. Cedar was selected for its natural resistance to moisture.

New windows feature satin etched glass on the lower half only, providing privacy while preserving the view from the second story windows. The rustic wood combined with the view outside creates the feeling of being in a treehouse.

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The porcelain tile selected for the floor and shower walls is a light, warm, sandy color and includes epoxy grout (no sealing required), providing lower maintenance and better protection against hard water.

The finish on the plumbing fixtures is gunmetal, a rich deep grey with underlying gold tones: A beautiful contrast to the rustic wood and light color in the tile, quartz countertop and engineered veneer oak cabinetry.

Other small rustic details in the room include wrought iron cabinet pulls and towel hooks, including a ‘gate latch’ at the toilet room cabinet.

The exhaust fan has a humidity sensing module; it will turn on and stay on until moisture in the room drops below a certain level, improving indoor air quality.

Finally, heated flooring in the bathroom and shower is a benefit for many reasons; it provides an ambient heat source for the room (especially with an open-air shower) as well as drying out the shower pan, reducing the potential for mold and mildew.

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janel campbell, Portland Design Consultant, CMKBD, CAPS

Janel Campbell grew up in her father’s wood shop with the smell of sawdust in her nose; and a creative and welcoming home that always had something baking in the oven (an in-home business decorating wedding cakes!). It seemed only natural for her to combine the two elements into her passion for design/build; helping others find ways to make their house a home. She is continually expanding her knowledge and expertise beyond her industry certifications; and applies her 20 years of design/build remodeling experience to her work. Janel’s award-winning designs have been featured in Oregon Home, Portrait of Portland, and KBB magazine. As a mother of growing boys, avid cook, gardener, photographer and nature lover – Janel’s passion is HOME.

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