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Eugene Bathroom Remodel

This Eugene area bathroom remodel features a gorgeous freestanding tub and more.

Ever dreamed of adding more glamour to your home? Neil Kelly design consultant Gregory Thomas was asked to create a “glam bath” in this fun and dynamic remodeling project. To better reflect a contemporary design aesthetic, Thomas created a design plan for a clean, luxurious, spa-like bathroom that featured an eye-catching, marble tile vanity wall, a freestanding, vessel soaking tub and a large shower with a functional bench.

“To add some ‘glam’ we selected mostly gold and satin brass finishes for the metal fixtures,” shares designer Gregory Thomas. “Minimalist window and door casings, marble tile, ultra-high gloss polyester-finished cabinets and large format porcelain slab tile for the shower add a strong contemporary look and feel.”

“To add some ‘glam’ we selected mostly gold and satin brass finishes for the metal fixtures.” – Gregory Thomas

Design Challenges

The design team faced several challenges including:

Wall Issues: One shower wall was an exterior wall, while another backed up to laundry room plumbing.

Plumbing Challenges: Drain from the kitchen directly above bathroom dropped into space at an unfortunate location.

Water Supply: Location of water supply impacted plans for half-wall of glass.

Foundation: Floor level of bathroom was below the foundation, and bottom two feet of wall had concrete behind the drywall.


Design Solutions

Furred Out Walls: Furring out the exterior wall allowed for proper insulation behind the storage niche and moved plumbing vents as needed at laundry wall.

Plumber Coordination: Close coordination allowed for rerouting of the kitchen drain.

Transitions: Quartz lining the edges of the shower enclosure provided a crisp transition from porcelain slabs to the drywall walls of bathroom.

Vanity Wall: Vanity wall plumbing, lighting, medicine cabinets and base cabinets were carefully aligned with the marble tile. The faucets are placed in the center of the diamond-shaped tile.

Minimized Waste: Tile edging at bottom, side and top of tile wall limited the amount of tile required for purchase and minimized waste during installation.

Floating Make-up Cabinet: Supported the floating make-up cabinet by bolting steel angle to concrete stem wall.


Special Features

Trim-less exterior window created by adding second layer of drywall and an edge bead–which in effect acts as the casing.

Created a trim-less door at vanity wall with tile edge trim.

Trim-less door at water closet accomplished by ordering special narrow jamb, over which drywall bead acts as the casing.

Large format porcelain tiles were book-matched at corners and fabricated to include recessed storage niches. Metallic glass tile echoes the gold finishes elsewhere.

Porcelain slab bench supported by hidden metal frame.

Design of new paneled doors and hardware feature squares that echo details of plumbing fixtures and hardware.

Materials palette is in a tight bandwidth to bring a serene quality to the space.


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