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New England Inspired Kitchen Design in Lake Oswego

New England Inspired Kitchen Design In Lake Oswego

East Coast aesthetics are combined with modern functionality in this gorgeous kitchen update, which features a large island, abundant storage, and more.


Design Objectives

In their existing kitchen, one of the clients’ biggest pain points was a crowded corner. The placement of the refrigerator and island, along with a tight work triangle, made it very difficult for the clients to cook and entertain at the same time. Traffic flow was also an issue. The homeowners wanted a designated area to do baking tasks, enhanced lighting, and creative storage solutions.

In addition, the overall look of the kitchen needed a refresh. The clients wanted to incorporate an “unfitted” New England-style aesthetic.

Design Challenges

“With the layout of the existing kitchen so concentrated in one small area, we had to design a new floor plan that would open up the space, improve the cooking experience, and achieve better traffic flow,” said Portland Design Consultant Rob Barham.

In terms of lighting, the kitchen seemed a little dreary, even though a lot of natural light was coming into the space.

The “Great Room” area of the home, which included kitchen, informal dining room and living room, had wood beams running across low ceilings. In the kitchen, these beams were preventing the cabinets from reaching their maximum height.

Another challenge was discovered during demo. We found out one of the support beams was blocking the space where the ducting for the new hood/range location was supposed to go.

Design Solutions

In terms of floor plan, we relocated the range and refrigerator, and eliminated the “walled in” pantry. Removing the pantry allowed us to regain some space to help reorient the kitchen.

We moved the range and hood to the wall, which created a focal point for the kitchen and improved ventilation. The refrigerator was moved closer to the French doors leading to the hallway, and new pantry cabinets were placed alongside. We kept the sink at the window, in it’s original location.

We also moved the door to the formal dining room. It was converted into a doorway, allowing us to create better traffic flow through the kitchen and bring in additional natural light from beautiful bay windows in the dining area.

Opening up the kitchen allowed us to install a larger island that could be used for cooking tasks and entertaining, including seating for guests who wish to interact with the cook.

The wall cabinets were brought up to just below the bottom of the beams. Our carpenter carefully topped the cabinets with a solid stock material that leads up to the crown moulding. The end result is a look that brings the cabinets all the way up to ceiling, while contrasting with the dark wood in the beams.

To fix the ventilation issue that came up as a result of moving the range / hood, our team came up with a solution that would have zero impact on the aesthetic of the kitchen.

On the second floor, right above the new location for the hood vent, was a walk-in closet. We converted a bottom section of the closet shelving and directed ventilation ducting through to the exterior, boxing that area in with material that matched the closet shelving.

Special Features

– Black painted hood that creates a focal point, along with nice contrast

– Existing beams incorporated into the crown of the cabinets and bookcase

– Wall scones at each side of the hood

– Custom built island creating an “unfitted” look

– Vintage brass cabinet hardware the client sourced and purchased for our carpenters to install

– Overall style of the kitchen makes it unique, timeless, and one of a kind

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robby john barham, portland Design Consultant

Robby John blends his versatile sense of style with a methodical approach that allows him to deliver impressive, functional designs to fit any home. His clients love the enthusiasm and creativity he brings to the process, while also appreciating his organized and adaptable nature to keep everything on track. With a strong sense of empathy, he is able to listen and intuitively lead his clients toward the right solution for them, making the process fun along the way.

Robby John has been in the remodeling industry for almost a decade and formalized his education through Portland Community College’s Interior Design program before joining Neil Kelly in 2018. Looking for references? Robby John has many happy clients willing to testify to his team’s fabulous work.