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A Scandinavian-Inspired Kitchen

Seattle Kitchen Remodel

This Kirkland kitchen remodeling project features a Scandinavian-inspired design that maximizes space and functionality.

Kirkland, Washington residents Linda and Nikko Strom had dreamed about a kitchen remodel for years. When their refrigerator leaked and damaged the floors, they knew it was time.

The Swedish couple was drawn to their friend and fellow Sweden native, Anna Lovell, a design consultant with Neil Kelly. Lovell adds, “The Stroms wanted a classic Scandinavian design with clean lines, simple materials, attention to detail, and a natural color palette with lots of light.”

Design Challenges

Kitchen Floor Plan: Lovell could see the existing kitchen had wasted space. She set out to design a kitchen makeover with a smart and efficient floor plan.

Odd-angle Peninsula: Placed at an odd angle, the existing peninsula wasn’t functional and was too narrow to use as both a prep-surface and a bar seating area.

Changing Family Needs: With one daughter going away to college, the family no longer needed a large dining table, and instead wanted a cozier bar seating area.

“The bar area was a fun and interesting design challenge.” – Anna Lovell

Design Solutions

Keeping the perimeter space plan intact, the Neil Kelly design and remodel team went to work. The biggest change was removing the peninsula and adding a large island which provided a secondary sink, a spacious prep surface, storage, a recycling center and a new wine fridge.

This new island also solved the client’s problem by creating a bar seating area where the family can enjoy meals together. “The bar area was a fun and interesting design challenge,” says Lovell. “The clients didn’t want any legs to interfere with the bar stools, they wanted the bar to be open and appear to float. So, we designed a cantilevered table top with a large steel C-shaped bracket that is not only structural, but also became a prominent design element.”

Swedish Touches

Lovell enjoys collaborating with the clients to integrate personal touches in each design and remodel. For the Stroms, her team built direct plumbing and electrical into the new island for the family’s beloved espresso machine. Lovell adds, “We also incorporated design elements from the area that the client is from in Sweden, the island of Gotland, where they are famous for their beautiful sheep skins. One of these sheep skins will be adorning the built-in kitchen bench.”

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