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A Warm Modern Pacific Northwest Kitchen Renovation

Modern Portland Kitchen Design 

This View Point Terrace kitchen remodel is modern and versatile with features that nod to the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

With an eye for detail and a specialty in contemporary kitchen and bath design, Neil Kelly design consultant Therese DuBravac undertook this project.

When the client purchased this home, they planned to immediately renovate the kitchen. They knew they wanted to adhere to the original design of the house and maintain their breathtaking view of the Willamette River and three mountains. Additionally, they wanted a space that could accommodate their annual holiday party and other events hosted in their home.

Taking into account their priorities and overall objectives while keeping the challenges of the space in mind, DuBravac was up for the task.

Design Objectives and Client Wishlist

Therese worked closely with her clients to come up with a prioritized wishlist for their remodeled kitchen design.

Efficient Use of Space and Enhanced Functionality

  • More functional kitchen storage
  • Additional countertop space
  • New appliances
  • Improved lighting from natural and artificial sources

Personalized Features

  • A kitchen design for multiple cooks and prep zones
  • Design components to accommodate holiday entertaining and year-round hosting
  • Preserved view of river and mountains
  • Space to display family mementos, art pieces, and treasures from travel

Design Challenges

As with all remodels, this project wasn’t without challenges. For one, the original kitchen was on the opposite side of the home to the great room, which housed both the family room and other components of the main living space. This meant the cooking area was interrupted by multiple passageways, affecting the flow of traffic.

“The chopped-up floor plan also made many awkward-shaped cabinets, limiting storage and countertop surfaces,” says DuBravac. Additionally, a dropped ceiling inhibited natural light in the kitchen, exaggerating its inefficient layout and making the space feel dark and heavy.

Design Solutions

DuBravac’s solutions for the kitchen remodel met all aspects of the client’s wishlist while addressing the project’s various challenges.

Space and Functionality

  • Moved kitchen to side of room to provide a better overall layout with more cabinets and continuous countertop space
  • Placed cabinets under clerestory windows, allowing them to act as a light shelf and exponentially increasing natural light in the space
  • Removed dropped ceiling to open up the space and create more evenly dispersed natural light
  • Implemented new appliances, including a separate cooktop and wall oven to accommodate different cooking and baking zones 

Personalization and Enhancements

  • Included vaulted ceilings and windows to highlight the original architecture of the home and preserve the outdoor view
  • Created designated zones for food prep, cooking, cleanup, beverages, and guests to allow for multiple cooks to use the space at once and accommodate in-home entertaining
  • Implemented a warm Pacific Northwest material pallet with quarter-sawn oak cabinets
  • Added neutral yet sharp and finishes in black, white, and chrome
  • Created designated space for art and sentimental accents

“The client’s art and collection of treasure from their travels looks placed and intentional instead of crowded and an afterthought,” notes DuBravac.

Remodeled Kitchen

There’s a lot to admire about the finished project. It hit all the design objectives while implementing a more modern feel and nodding to the spirit of the original architecture.

Special Features

  • A large coffee/beverage cabinet serves as a day-to-day coffee station and drink hub for hosting.
  • A bookcase positioned at the entryway from the hall adds an interesting vertical element, frames the opening, and creates a subtle divider between the kitchen and family room.
  • Warm white paint over the existing textured walls adds subtle dimension.

“I love the quarter-sawn white cabinets,” says DuBravac. “I’m really happy with how the whole space flows and feels like it has always belonged there. It’s warm, inviting, and comfortable—just like the clients!”

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