Basement Remodeling: “Your Project Checklist”

Basement remodeling projects are a great way for many of us to add square footage to our homes.  However, basements are not the easiest place to remodel.  Think about it: You have the bulk of your home’s electrical and plumbing runs commonly running through the basement.  You also have a water heater or furnace or both in the basement.

Check out this video to learn the basics of basement remodeling before you get started:

How Dry for Basement Remodeling

As you saw, the first question on your checklist is:  Is your basement dry?  To go into a little more detail, it’s one thing if water is coming through the walls — that’s fixable.  But if water is being pushed up through the floor it means you have a lot of hydrostatic pressure.  And that can be very expensive to fix.

Basement Remodeling After Radon Test

But, like Design Builder Byron Kellar says, make sure to have a radon test first!  Remember, when the basement is sealed up nice and tight it makes for a very comfortable space, but also a space that doesn’t have a lot of air leaking in from the outside.  If there is a radon issue it can be made worse by trapping the transparent, odorless gas inside.  Don’t worry- radon tests are not very expensive and results from professional testing are very fast.

Don’t Fail to Plan Your Basement Remodeling Project

Planning is crucial when it comes to basement projects.  Due to the high amount of pipes and wires running around — you can’t just decide willy-nilly where every run is going to be located.  This is where a good designer comes in.  The cost of your basement remodeling project will depend on how many things need to be moved and just how “finished” you want the basement to look.  And, like Byron says in the video, codes require “egress” — a way to get directly outside — in every finished space.

In all, basements can cost more to remodel that just adding a dormer to a second floor, but if done well the basement can be a great place for a man cave, laundry room, or even a second living area.

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