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How Much Does A Home Remodeling Project Cost?

How much does a home remodeling project cost? The answer is: It depends.

After 75 years of remodeling homes throughout the Pacific Northwest, and working on projects of all shapes and sizes — from kitchens and bathrooms to additions and custom homes — one thing we can tell you for sure is: Every home is different. That’s why we work so hard to understand homes and homeowners before we begin a project.

One way to start thinking about how much it will cost to remodel your home is to look at some of the things that drive job cost.


The scope of work affects job cost. How big is the job going to be? Are we doing a cosmetic refresh? Are we pulling and replacing a key feature like cabinets and countertops? Or are we doing a custom kitchen design that opens into the living room? The amount of space and structure we touch is going to affect the budget.

The scope of a “typical” remodeling project might fall into one or more of these categories:

PARTIAL — Focus on the trouble spots
Perhaps you need to make an emergency repair, replace a tub/shower, or swap out some old cabinets. We get it. Sometimes addressing one or two immediate needs can make a tremendous difference in your home.

Homeowners usually spend: Depends on project.

COSMETIC — Refresh the existing space
We give your space a whole new look by repainting cabinets, replacing the sink, countertop, and backsplash, replacing the light fixtures, refinishing floors, repainting the walls, etc. The floor plan stays the same.

Homeowners usually spend: Kitchen $40-$90k  |  Primary Bath $30-$60k*

PULL + REPLACE — Out with the old, in with the new
We completely remove everything in the space — sometimes all the way down to the studs — and replace with all-new items such as new cabinets, new countertops, new floors, new plumbing fixtures, etc. The floor plan stays the same.

Homeowners usually spend: Kitchen $90-$150k  |  Primary Bath $50-$100k*

CUSTOM — Reimagine the entire space
We work with you to design an all-new floor plan, including reevaluating traffic patterns, repositioning appliances, removing walls, etc. A custom remodeling project might have cosmetic or pull-and-replace elements to it; for example, you might have your entire kitchen redone, but keep and refinish the existing floors.

Homeowners usually spend: Kitchen $125-$250k  |  Primary Bath $80-$170k*

*Based on a 2021 survey of Neil Kelly designers.

Keep in mind: Most real-world remodeling projects will not fit neatly into these categories. We use these examples to start a conversation about what your specific project might look like.

Granite countertop and backsplash kitchen remodeling project

Above: The granite countertop on the island is a key material selection in this kitchen.


What is the condition of your home? How complex is the job going to be given the age of the structure? Sometimes we get into a project and find issues like dry rot or sloppy construction have to be addressed before the actual remodeling work can begin. That is why we take the time to learn everything we can about your home in the early stages of our process.

Materials and Appliances

Material and appliance selections also affect job cost. Do you want to preserve the look of your kitchen with classic, timeless materials, or do you want to make a statement with a one-of-a-kind artisan countertop? Do you want to swap out a standard range, or do you want to install an industrial cooktop suited for a professional chef? Preparing your home for — and installing these features — is going to have a big impact on your bottom line.

kitchen backsplash remodeling cost factor

Above: Material selections such as backsplash tile are major drivers of job cost.


Location affects job cost as well. In general, construction costs are higher in large cities, or areas with higher property values. Construction costs also add up when labor, materials and supplies have to be transported to a location that is difficult to access.

On one of our recent projects, every piece of a large kitchen — from tile and flooring to cabinets and appliances, plus the labor needed to put it together — had to be transported to the job site by boat!

Cost Vs. Value Report

As you begin researching your options on a remodeling project, you may still find yourself asking, “What is the ballpark cost for a midrange kitchen remodel?” or, “How much will it cost to update a master bathroom?”

Another way to get a sense of cost is to look at the annual Cost Vs. Value Report published by Remodeling Magazine. This excellent third-party study breaks the country down into regions, and shows the average cost for different kinds of remodeling projects in those areas. It also compares job cost with the resale value you might expect to receive after you’ve done a particular kind of project.

The figures in this report only include raw construction costs; they don’t include design and project management.

Speak with the experts

In this article we’ve discussed the major drivers of job cost, and shown what a typical project might involve. Ultimately, the only cost that matters is the one that is specific to you and your home.

The best way to find out about cost is to talk with us!

A complimentary consultation gives us a chance to learn more about you and your home. Our design/build process gives you the ability to see how different choices affect cost before construction starts. In the end, our goal is to help you make the very best decisions you can for your home, and match your needs and desires with a budget that works for you.

Do you have a home remodeling project in mind? Our expert designers are ready to help you make the home of your dreams a reality. Connect with us today!