Remodeling For Growing Family


Remodeling For A Growing Family

Do you have a growing family? If you have more kids and pets (or even your neighbors’ kids and pets) on the way, make sure your home can handle all of their needs.

Space Invaders

A growing family can be a great time to evaluate how you enjoy—and maximize—your space. Here are some great ideas to help you welcome a new baby (two- or four-legged), extend your living area, add storage or make room for growing teenagers. But when it comes to stocking the refrigerator for hungry neighborhood teens, you’re on your own!

Space Exploration: Ideas for expansion

Remodeling For Growing Family

Above: This table positioned off the island lets the family interact with the person doing the cooking – without disrupting traffic in the kitchen. It’s great for serving treats too!


      Convert a small kitchen and dining room into a large open plan kitchen with dining area
      Add a kitchen island with extra seating
      Add a custom kitchen table with removable insert
      Create plenty of extra food storage


      Not enough baths to go around?
      An extra closet in an adjacent bedroom can become extra bath space

 Basement / Attic

      Repurpose as an extra bedroom, den or office
      Can make a great space for teens
      Add shelves for extra storage

 Throughout your home

      If you have increased foot traffic (or pawprints) hardwood floors are easier to keep clean
      Add storage near entries and under stairs
      Natural light, air quality, ventilation, and insulation all contribute to a healthy home


      Add a Mother-In-Law Unit or ADU
      Extend your living area with a deck or patio 

“As a household grows, it can be difficult to find a quiet space to have time alone,” shares Janel Campbell, design consultant. “Consider adding a ‘parent retreat’ with a soft seating area to an unused space or master suite.”

People & Pet-Friendly Touches

Remodeling For Growing Family

This ‘message center’ (see photo above) is a perfect spot for family schedules, permission slips, new artwork, tickets for the upcoming play, and it is open below for dog food bowls–neatly tucked away so you don’t trip over them!

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