Kitchen Pain Points




Resolving Kitchen and Bath Pain Points

Does your kitchen’s layout merit less than 5 stars? Maybe you’re tired of doing battle with difficult-to-clean tile (hello stubborn grout lines)? Whether you find yourself with ‘more cooks in the kitchen’ these days, or you’re just tired of a poorly designed living space, Neil Kelly can help. From small handyman fixes to larger design updates, here are some common kitchen and bath “pain points” and how to fix them:

Kitchen Challenges
· Bad layout
· Difficult to clean
· Not enough light
· Poor ventilation
· Not enough storage
· Outdated design

“Worn or cracked surfaces are inherently harder to keep clean,” shares design consultant Kathleen Donohue.

Want a stunning “no maintenance” countertop? Consider manufactured quartz or compressed porcelain slabs. Quartz and porcelain are durable, non-porous, don’t require sealing and are easy to clean.

Seattle Kitchen with a large walk-in pantry

Above: recent Seattle kitchen remodel includes a large walk-in pantry concealed by a rustic walnut barn door.

“Walk-in” to extra storage
“Creating a dedicated room for pantry storage, whether a walk-in closet or an actual room, takes tremendous ‘pressure’ off of your kitchen,” states Kathleen. In addition to being a handy place to store non-perishable food, you can also store small countertop appliances, pots and pans, large serving dishes, and spare entertaining dishware.

What’s your culinary style?
“Some cooks prefer to work alone, so a classic ‘work triangle’ can help them herd family and friends to the other side of an island or peninsula while they work,” Kathleen explains. “While others view cooking as more of a communal effort and love a layout that offers several overlapping work stations.”

Bath Conundrums
Bathrooms can also present some similar “pain points” in terms of layout and maintenance.

Bath Challenges
· Bad layout
· Difficult to clean
· Not enough light
· Poor ventilation
· Shallow bathtub
· Outdated design

“Many homeowners are frustrated by showers they can’t get clean, no matter how much they scrub, and by tubs and showers that have lost their luster,” shares Kathleen.

Large Bath Tile

Above: A bath with large format tile and thin grout lines is easier to keep clean than a standard tile installation.


· Large format porcelain tiles with machined edges can be set with tiny, minimal grout lines with grout that will not support mold or discolor.
· Clear glass shower doors can be coated so they defy spots and calcium build up.
· Slab quartz counters with sinks integrally mounted have fewer challenging crevices.

Lighting Lessons
Great lighting is an important element in a well-designed space. “There are ways to position lighting so that it is both efficient and flattering which can help homeowners feel safe and comfortable, as well as age gracefully in their home.”

Other easy fixes to increase your safety and comfort? Select a floor material that is slip resistant (important at any time!) and choose faucet controls that are simple to use and easy to grasp, which makes them easier for all ages to operate.

Whether you want to tackle small projects or explore bigger design solutions, Neil Kelly can help! Get in touch with us today!