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Styling Your Home: What Are Window Grids?

Once a functional method of holding together multiple small panes of glass, window grids are a stylish way to accentuate your home’s exterior and match the historic style of your home. Also called muntins or grilles, window grids add interest and charm to a large, empty window pane. We’re covering the types of window grids available, along with the various design styles you can add to your home. 

What is the Purpose of Window Grids?Picture window grid with ten grids.

No longer needed for structure, the window grids of today serve an aesthetic purpose by creating the appearance of smaller panes of glass. If you’re going for a more modern look for your home, or want unobstructed views from your windows, you can forego window grids altogether. For those who wish to enhance the historic charm of their home, or add personality to a new build, window grids are a relatively easy change that can make a big impact.

If you’re unsure whether window grids are right for your home, or don’t want to be married to a certain pattern, you can choose removable grids. Removable window grids attach to the interior of the glass and make it easy to remove the grids to clean or switch up your window design.

Window Grid Types Large living room with a floor to ceiling window.

The types of window grids you can choose from will depend on both the grid manufacturer and the material of your windows; however, there are a few common types that are generally available.

  • Grids Between Glass (GBG): Color-matched grids are suspended between two glass panes. Because both interior and exterior glass surfaces are smooth, they are easy to clean and look like traditional grids.
  • Exterior Grids: Color-matched grids affixed to the exterior only. These are a good fit for historic districts.
  • Simulated Divided Lites (SDL): Simulates the look of several single panes of glass set into the grids. This technique uses a combination of Grids Between Glass and applied grids on the interior and exterior of the glass.
  • True Divided Lites: Individual panes of glass are held together with built-in muntin grids to recreate the traditional look.

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Styles of Window GridsBathroom with a large bay window.

Though they may seem like a small detail, window grids can signal a specific architectural style and bring a lot of character to your home’s exterior. The following are a few of the most common grid styles.

  • Colonial: Colonial-style grids provide a traditional look and are typically divided into equal sections of four, six, or nine. 
  • Craftsman: With Craftsman style, grids are only used on the top sash, while the bottom is a large unobstructed pane. Typically the top sash has four or six panes, while Craftsman bungalows tend to have fewer grids.
  • Prairie: Prairie-style grids are divided into unequal panes with a larger square in the middle and smaller squares in the corners. Prairie-style grids are usually paired with casement windows, which have no sashes.
  • Victorian: Victorian grids are ornate and emphasize asymmetry. Common styles include diamond grilles, small panes, or two-over-two grille patterns. 
  • Farmhouse: Farmhouse style has a thick trim with simple grids. Common styles include a classic four-by-four pattern or a two-over-one pattern. 

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