Neil Kelly’s 2020 Home Design Forecast

Experts predict home design and renovation trends for 2020

When it comes to home design, Pinterest and Instagram can offer a wealth of ideas. Seeing photos with the latest in home decor often inspires homeowners to update their living space.

“Seeing the latest trends can be really inspiring and provides a great conversation starter,” states Barbara Miller, design director for Neil Kelly. But she adds, “We believe great design should be thoughtfully planned and centered around a homeowner’s specific home, as well as their lifestyle and interests.”

With a team of more than 20 award-winning designers, Neil Kelly offers these 2020 predictions:

Preserve Architectural Style

Above: Mid Century style is carefully preserved in this Eugene kitchen. Photo by Steve Spohn / The PhotoGuy.

1. Home sweet home (preservation)
Greater emphasis will be placed on preserving a home’s architectural style.
Thoughtful design will match the home and updates won’t destroy the character.
One example: Mid-Century Modern style, especially prevalent in Pacific Northwest, will be honored.

Bold colors

Above: Bold colors dominate this gorgeous kitchen remodel. Photo by Darius Kuzmickas / KuDa Photography.

2. From austere and sterile to joyful and colorful
Adding “big colors” throughout a room or bold accent colors in a neutral room.
Minimalism (for those who appreciate that style) doesn’t mean “without joy.” Varying textures adds visual and sensory interest and appeal.

Handmade pendant lights

Above: Handmade pendant lights add a unique touch to this kitchen in The Dalles, OR. Photo by Darius Kuzmickas / KuDa Photography.

3. Handmade elements bring artful design into home
Artisan tile (graphic or textured)
Rustic or alternative metals, hand hammered metals (pendant lights)
Wood (Pacific NW or Asian influenced, reclaimed or repurposed)

Healthy Home

Above: French doors connect this lovely N. Portland kitchen to healing light and air found outside. Photo by Darius Kuzmickas / KuDa Photography.

4. Creating a “healthier” home
Flow and layout supporting physical and mental health
– Easy movement in and among different rooms
– Provides spaces for healing and relaxation
– Connection to nature
– Aging in place

Sustainable and non-toxic products used where possible

Kitchen and Bath as health centers:
– Kitchen: more room for produce, antimicrobial surfaces
– Bath: quality lighting, spa / steam shower, organization for medicines

Color appliances

Above: This kitchen features colored appliances that match the surrounding cabinets, creating a unique look. Photo by Aaron Ziltener / NKC.

5. Colorful appliances
We will see colorful alternatives to white and stainless appliances
Matte black or graphite will provide style and design elegance

No more pantry

Above: Better storage eliminates the need for a pantry, allowing the rest of the kitchen to have more space. Photo by Aaron Ziltener / NKC.

6. Walk away… from a walk-in pantry
There is often a more efficient use of storage
This space can be recaptured for use elsewhere

Non-traditional subway tile

Above: Subway tile in a non-traditional size adds interest to this delightful Seattle kitchen. Photo by Roger Turk / Northlight Photography.

7. Move away from traditional subway tile
Shift away from standard size (3”x6”)
Don’t worry, tile will still appear, only in much larger or smaller sizes

Breakfast bar

Above: Morning meals come to life with this elegant breakfast bar. Photo by Darius Kuzmickas / KuDa Photography.

8. A (new kind of) breakfast bar
Seating areas in different shapes, sizes and locations

Above: Tiny homes and ADUs (accessory dwelling units) continue to interest homeowners. Darius Kuzmickas / KuDa Photography.

9. Tiny homes will be even BIGGER
Many homes have ADU potential within existing structures: attic, basement, garage
Added appeal for those looking for income potential or who live in high-rent markets
“Tiny homes” will continue to gain in popularity as cities (such as Portland and Seattle) add legislation that makes it easier for homeowners to build out backyard cottages.

outdoor entertaining

Above: Outdoor entertaining is a breeze under this covered patio, which includes fireplace, seating areas, cooking equipment and more. Photo by Darius Kuzmickas / KuDa Photography.

10. Leveraging the outdoors
Indoor/outdoor living spaces create more room for entertaining
Allows for enjoyment of beautiful Pacific Northwest outdoors and nature

smart home tech

Above: Technology used to support a specific activity such as cooking. Photo by Darius Kuzmickas / KuDa Photography.

11. Smart home technology
Organize technology around a specific set of benefits
– Kitchen: Cooking, food prep, food storage
– Bath: Temperature control, ventilation, cleaning

Classic Blue color of the year

Above: Classic Blue lends elegance to this Hood River kitchen. Photo by Darius Kuzmickas / KuDa Photography.

12. Color of the Year: Classic Blue
This color of the year doesn’t come as a surprise to Neil Kelly designers. It offers many bold and beautiful design opportunities.
– Pantone “Classic Blue”
– Sherwin Williams “Naval”

Ready to transform your home this year? From elegant kitchens to cozy outdoor spaces, Neil Kelly designers are forecasting exciting new looks and ideas in 2020. Get in touch!