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Cedar Mill, Oregon: Complete Kitchen Renovation

Our clients had their sights set on a beautiful, light-filled kitchen for their Cedar Mill, Oregon home. Neil Kelly design consultant Mary Miksch helped create an open, multifunctional space that better suits the needs of a young family who loves to entertain.

Project Objectives and Client Wishlist

“While the kitchen had plenty of space to work with,” Miksch says, “dated wood cabinetry and poor lighting made the room seem smaller and darker than it actually was.” Beyond a somewhat dreary aesthetic, she explains that it was “visually unappealing and awkward to move around in.”

The refrigerator was on the far wall, the ovens were off to one side, and the island housed both a stovetop and a serving area. This meant the cook had to scramble all around the kitchen space while preparing meals. As such, the primary objectives of the remodel were to reconfigure the placement of appliances and prep stations while adhering to a lighter, brighter design approach.

Optimized Use of Space

  • Better appliance placement
  • Designated prep area
  • Better flow of traffic
  • Additional storage

Updated Aesthetic

  • New cabinetry and countertops
  • Lighter colors
  • Better lighting
  • More open layout

A master at optimizing available space, Miksch knew how to approach this project and what changes would make the most sense for our clients.

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Design Challenges

As with any interior update, there were some challenges. “A large media center took up a lot of space in the room but wasn’t serving any purpose other than to attract clutter,” says Miksch.

Additionally, she explains how a single door limited traffic flow into the backyard, and a large open area on the threshold wasn’t being used at all. Changing the layout of a kitchen certainly makes a remodel trickier, but one thing this project had was available space.

Design Solutions

Appliances were moved around to make everything fit while allowing for better functionality. The cooktop would no longer live on the island, and the fridge was placed next to the double ovens instead of on the far wall.

“The single door to the backyard was expanded to a double door to bring in more light and allow for easy flow,” Miksch adds. “The result is a tailored design that will last the family for many years to come.”

Upgrades, Customizations, and Notable Features

The customizations and upgrades for this kitchen remodel focused on enhanced functionality, optimized storage, and a more modern appearance.

Enhanced Functionality and Storage

  • Expanded cabinet storage
  • New island with storage and expanded serving area
  • Additional places to sit and eat
  • Double doors leading to backyard
  • Designated drink area with water bottle storage and locking liquor cabinet

As Miksch explains, “A beverage area strengthens the connection between the kitchen and the rest of the home.”

Modern Design

  • Ceiling-height white cabinetry with custom matching range hood cover
  • Open shelving on either side of the range hood
  • Light-colored quartz counters
  • More natural lighting
  • Pendant lighting over the island

“Traditional white cabinets reach to the ceiling to maximize storage, and a rustic blue finish on the island ties together the soft palette of cool grays,” says Miksch. “The perimeter countertops are durable matte-finish quartz that mimics the look of delicate soapstone, and the island has a polished white quartz that looks like marble.”

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Portland Kitchen: Before and After

This comprehensive kitchen remodel checked every box on our clients’ wishlist and then some. If you’re considering a custom interior or exterior renovation, reach out to the design/build remodeling pros at Neil Kelly, we would love to hear from you.

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