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Crescent Park Craftsman-Inspired Kitchen Remodel

Contemporary Meets Craftsman in this Eugene, Oregon Kitchen Remodel

Neil Kelly’s in-house design consultant Stefanie Rotella led this Craftsman-inspired kitchen remodel in Eugene, Oregon. While the remodel features modern components, the colors, cabinet detail, textures, and design elements are timeless and long-lasting.

Check out the before-and-after photos and details about this kitchen remodel below.

Project Objectives and Client Wishlist

Our clients’ existing kitchen was outdated and proved to be challenging to keep clean; their wish was for updated design elements and materials that simplified their daily routines. With so many functional updates, Rotella made sure the aesthetics were equally prioritized in this remodel. 

Our clients’ wishlist for this kitchen remodel included:

  • Statement backsplash
  • Easy-to-clean surfaces
  • Visual separation from the living room
  • Contemporary finishes

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Design Challenges and Solutions

Our clients really enjoyed the traditional craftsman aesthetic, but didn’t like cleaning the cabinet details associated with the look. Rotella’s challenge was to take elements of the more elaborate design style of the Craftsman and incorporate them into a more contemporary result, choosing an easy-clean slab door style, while adding interesting details in “low traffic” areas like the crown, hood, and display areas. 

The clients also wanted a visual separation between the living room and kitchen to hide the sink without a typical raised bar seating area. By adding raised full-height cabinets with a double-sided waterfall edge, we were able to both hide the sink and add plenty of storage. 

Special Features, Customizations, and Finished Results

A large-format porcelain tile feature provided the desired statement backsplash (without the grout lines to clean) that brought a natural, water-like element into the space. Adding a simple dark accent strip on the oven hood created visual interest without intricate details to clean. The use of symmetry within the space was an additional nod to the Craftsman design, bringing a serene feel to the cooking area. 

Special features and customizations for this bathroom remodel included:

Functional and Stylish Kitchen Remodel in Eugene, Oregon

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stefanie rotella, eugene Design Consultant

Stefanie’s passion is working with clients to bring their vision and dreams to life. A graduate of Oregon State University’s Interior Design program, Stefanie believes that a space should not only be designed with aesthetics in mind, but the form of the space needs to follow the functionality of the home. Joining Neil Kelly in 2013 Stefanie is proud to be a part of a highly skilled, thoughtful, and dedicated team of individuals.

When she’s not working with her team, Stefanie enjoys exploring Oregon’s best hiking and camping spots with her husband and daughter, and their dog.