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Oregon Craftsman Custom Home Remodel


Find out how Neil Kelly’s in-house design consultant Stefanie Rotella helped our clients transform their dark, outdated house into a stunning, light-filled craftsman home with enhanced living space and functionality in this kitchen and second-story remodeling project in Triangle Lake, Oregon.

Project Objectives and Client Wishlist

Originally built as a passion project by their father in the 1990s, our client’s home is a beautiful craftsman nestled into 70 acres of property in Triangle Lake outside Eugene, Oregon.

The scope of the two-phase, 1,700-square-foot project included a kitchen renovation and an upstairs remodel to transform previously unused space into a primary suite and a guest suite.

Our client’s wishlist for this custom remodel included:

  • Updated kitchen with more modern finishes and better functionality
  • Upstairs primary suite
  • Upstairs guest suite
  • Upstairs laundry room and additional bedroom
  • Design choices true to the original style of the home and its surroundings

“When they took possession of the house, the first floor of the home was finished, and the second story was completely unfinished,” says Rotella. “Although finished, the kitchen was in need of major remodel.”

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Project Planning and Design Challenges

Our clients love to cook and entertain. As such, they wanted an island or peninsula with a sitting bar in their kitchen, plus ample storage. “The kitchen was only about 13 feet wide, so we had to be thoughtful about how to best take advantage of all the wall space but also get a sitting bar that doesn’t interrupt the walkway into the kitchen,” says Rotella.

With the second-story portion of the project, the heavily sloped roofline posed the biggest challenge. We had to fit three bedrooms, including two with bathrooms, a landing, and a laundry room, and the low roof limited our usable square footage. “In addition, the space was naturally divided by structural posts, beams, and knee bracing,” says Rotella. “We had to design the rooms around these posts.”

Design Solutions

We went with a U-shaped double-galley design for the kitchen with a long, narrow island down the center. This opened the other three walls for lots of cabinets, countertop space, and tall pantry storage. “Traffic can now flow around the island, allowing multiple people to be working together”.

We had to get creative about the upstairs layout to ensure everything fit with the sloped rooflines. For instance, many pieces could be pocketed into low-ceiling areas, like a shower bench and deep closet drawers.

Special Features, Customizations, and Finished Results

Blending craftsman design with modern materials and charming elements, the finished project featured a range of notable features and customizations.

Special features and personalizations for this custom home renovation included:

  • Open kitchen layout with lots of fir wood DeWils cabinets and generous granite counter space
  • Tall pantry storage, open to lower countertops
  • Metallic-look tile backsplash from Stone Works International
  • Custom millwork made of wood salvaged from the property
  • Preserved exposed ceiling beams in upstairs area
  • Walk-in showers with linear drains and concrete benches
  • Double vanity with long ramp-style sink integrated into concrete from Cement Elegance

The completed project was not only functional but also supremely inviting. “This project made a totally unfinished space into something so valuable,” says Rotella. “The family said this is the kitchen and house always deserved.”

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