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Bellevue Mid-Century Modern Kitchen and Fireplace Remodel

Bellevue, WA, Custom Kitchen Renovation

Neil Kelly’s in-house design consultant, Amanda Sava helped our clients reimagine the cooking and gathering area of their split-level home with modern upgrades and an open floor plan.

Find project details and before-and-after photos of this custom kitchen and first-floor renovation below.

Project Objectives and Client Wishlist

Our clients wanted to update their existing kitchen, dining room, and hearth with a mid-century modern remodel.

The goal was to make structural changes to the 1,340-square-foot space, opening up the first floor into a great room and vaulting the ceiling to make it feel larger.

Our clients’ wishlist for this custom remodel included:

  • Open floor plan with vaulted ceiling
  • Better lighting
  • Improved functionality
  • Better flow of traffic
  • Kitchen island
  • New appliances and finishes
  • Upgraded fireplace
  • Mid-century modern design aesthetic

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Design Challenges

The biggest obstacle with this project had to do with the structural changes. Ensuring smooth transitions and a good flow of traffic at the staircase and into the hallway was tricky. Although the kitchen and dining area didn’t technically move, removing the walls posed a bit of a challenge for our building design specialists.

“We also couldn’t make the vault as steep as the clients wanted due to existing AC ducting,” says Sava. As with many remodels, the team had to plan strategically to achieve the desired look while sticking to the budget.

Design Solutions

The kitchen stayed where it was, but we changed the layout slightly and removed walls to open it up. “We swapped the position of the window and the patio door to improve the flow of the space and make the kitchen a better working space as well as a gathering space,” says Sava.

Special Features, Customizations, and Finished Results

The Neil Kelly team worked closely with our clients during the design, planning, and remodeling phases to ensure the renovation satisfied their vision and needs.

Special features and customizations for this kitchen remodel included:

  • Medium-dark wood grain cabinetry from Decor Cabinets
  • Heath Ceramics tile white dimensional backsplash
  • Kitchen island with waterfall countertop
  • New kitchen window and patio door from Pella
  • Matte black fixtures, including cabinet knobs, drawer pulls, faucet, and high-visibility stair railing
  • Strategically placed outlets for easy charging and small appliances
  • Light-wash wood plank flooring from Kährs
  • Updated lighting, including recessed ceiling lights and under-cabinet lights
  • Reshaped and reclad fireplace with mid-century-inspired Heath Ceramics tile

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Before-and-After Home Remodel in Bellevue, Washington

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amanda armstrong sava, seattle Design Consultant

With more than 20 years of experience designing residential spaces, California native Amanda brings a unique body of knowledge and expertise to every remodeling project. Spending much of her career in the San Francisco Bay Area has allowed Amanda to work in almost every design style, from the latest Contemporary styles to iconic Eichler homes and traditional Victorians. She is comfortable with all kinds of projects, from small condominium kitchens to custom cabinetry in 10,000 square foot homes. Amanda believes that — in any design style — authenticity, quality products and materials, and classic elements are the keys to a beautiful outcome.

Amanda lives with her partner, his two great teens, and a menagerie of pets. In her spare time, she loves spending time with her family, trail running, doing yoga with the cats, and knitting.