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Central Seattle Kitchen Remodel

Eclectic Kitchen Upgrade in the Heart of  Seattle

Neil Kelly’s in-house design consultant Anne Bauer helped our client transform their Seattle kitchen into a functional, beautiful space for cooking, gathering, and hosting.

Find details and before-and-after photos of this custom kitchen remodel below.

Project Objectives and Client Wishlist

Our client wanted to convert their existing 170-square-foot kitchen into a more efficient space with better organization. Aesthetic-wise, they had traditional architecture with eclectic flair in mind.

Our client’s wishlist for their kitchen renovation included:

  • Better use of overall space
  • Enhanced organization with more accessible storage
  • More prep space for cooking
  • Better flow of traffic
  • Improved lighting
  • Removal of existing grouted tile countertops

“Material and product selections were key to giving the room a classic feel while paying close attention to our client’s personal taste and unique style,” says Bauer.

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Design Challenges

Of course, this project wasn’t without its challenges. “There were considerable framing and electrical issues that required creative on-site problem-solving,” says Bauer.

This made it a bit harder to create a layout that made sense while increasing the amount of kitchen storage and adding custom features. Our skilled carpenter and project manager had to work diligently to transform the older structure into a more modern space, both visually and functionally.

Design Solutions

“We relocated a pocket door to create an inside corner rather than breaking up the kitchen with a door right inside the workspace,” says Bauer. “This created a better traffic pattern and highly functional work zones while allowing guests to comfortably gather outside the work area.”

Additionally, custom cabinets were used to store everything more efficiently within a relatively compact space.

Special Features, Customizations, and Finished Results

The finished project boasted many notable elements and customizations such as blending traditional design with contemporary materials and charming features.

Special features and customizations for this kitchen remodel included:

  • Dark gray cabinetry in custom sizes to maximize storage
  • Green paint inside upper cabinets
  • Under-cabinet lights
  • Warm walnut counters and island to tastefully contrast cool-toned cabinets
  • Custom pull-outs throughout for more convenient storage
  • Concrete sink basin with stone faucet base to keep water off wood counters
  • New appliances and garbage disposal
  • Hand-painted tile underneath wood island
  • Bold, intricately patterned wallpaper in breakfast nook

“The wallpaper selected for the nook added a cozy touch for both dining and work while adding a touch of whimsy to the entire kitchen,” says Bauer.

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Before-and-After Kitchen Renovation in Seattle, Washington

Our client was thrilled with the clear, efficient, and fun design process with Neil Kelly. They appreciated how helpful the renderings were for making decisions throughout each step of the project. In the end, the attention to detail and high level of craftsmanship showed in every corner of the finished kitchen.

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anne maresh bauer, seattle Design Consultant

Anne brings more than 30 years of interior design experience to her clients. With a diverse background and style — from hotels and country clubs to custom residential and estate design, as well as countless ‘fixer’ renovations, additions, and ADUs — Anne’s primary focus is to bridge the gap between what happens in the design studio and what gets built on job sites. She especially enjoys residential design projects because she gets to experience her clients’ delight firsthand in the spaces they create together.

In her spare time, Anne enjoys hiking, venturing into her own home improvement projects, and planning fun events with her family.