Top Five Gadgets for 2015: Flash or Trash?

What are the top five gadgets for 2015? Well, see the latest high-tech goodies Neil Kelly has researched for your home–are they hits or misses?

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One Stop Shopping for Your Home (VIDEO)

One stop shopping is a phrase popularized–in the Portland area at least–by grocery chain founder Fred G. Meyer. ┬áThat novel approach is fine for dry good and groceries, but when it comes to remodeling it’s a little more challenging to find “one stop shopping”. ┬áSure, the big box stores contain a lot of materials in… > Read more

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Downsizing Your Space, Not Your Lifestyle (VIDEO)

Downsizing your space doesn’t mean you have to downsize your lifestyle, as this Lake Oswego condo project proves.

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Top Five Summer Kitchen and Bath Products 2014

The top five summer kitchen and bath products for 2014 post shows five really cool products for your home!

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“Kitchens! Kitchens! Kitchens!”

You guessed it: Neil Kelly’s “Kitchens! Kitchens! Kitchens!” event is all about…bathrooms! Okay, kidding–it’s about kitchens.

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