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Tub or Shower?  “If it turns out the tub is only used for watering house plants, or worse, for the cat box, I say NO!  I have learned over the years, there are ‘tub people’ and ‘shower people.'” — Kathleen Donohue, Bend Design Consultant

Small Kitchen Design:  “It’s often beneficial to have a mobile surface like a prep table on casters or a table that folds out from the wall.” — Karen Richmond, Portland Design Consultant

Backsplash Tile:  “Something about a handmade ceramic tile makes me swoon. The imperfect edges of each tile allow the grout to show off, and the subtle tone variations from tile to tile add character.” — Erika Altenhofen, Portland Design Consultant

Regional Differences: “In California, people are very interested in keeping up with the neighbors and resale value. In the Pacific Northwest, there is a greater attention to craftsmanship that I find really inspiring.” — Jamie Smugeresky, Seattle Design Consultant